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What to look for in a GOOD person

l Kind

ll Friendly

lll They want the best for others

llll Do not try to harm others (with words, violence, or other ways)

llll Gives compliments

llll Curious about others

llll ll Trustworthy

llll lll Willing to listen

llll llll Willing to talk

llll llll They genuinely like other people.

POD taken June 7, 2022

This is a tiny, incomplete list of qualities that make a person GOOD. With inclusivity being a keyword in today's society... it starts with how we treat others. Including, our family, our parents, our children, our siblings, our coworkers, people who work at places we frequinet, strangers on the street, and (probably one of the most important) how we treat people online. Inclusivity is not just about accepting another person's race, gender, or sexual orientation- it is about accepting people. Being OK with how others want to express themselves. Not trying to put other's down.

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