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I'm all growd-up!!!

Updated: May 2, 2023

How do you know THIS is, FOR SURE, your first grown-up-person dog?

l He is still with you after 6 months… and not on an ‘extended visit’ with your mom.

ll You buy him pajamas, a dog hut, play yard, and hundreds of dollars in other things.

lll You let him have a couple of licks of liquor at the New Year’s party at your house, but stop before it is too much.

llll You get him after you have made a commitment-

  • To a partner

  • Or job

  • Or place

  • Or adult life

llll You have had him long enough that you need to get him a doggy friend. llll l He is the dog to practice on before you have kids.

llll ll And, he lasts long enough to actually meet and get to know your human children. ❤️

Photo of the day- taken May 1, 2017. This is Tiki. He WAS my first grown-up person dog. I had a few others as a young adult. Beagles to be specific. But, they did not last. It is not that I intended on not keeping them, it is that when you are young- you do not consider the commitment of 10-15 years down the road. It is not a bad thing... kids, young adults, and sometimes older adults live in the now- the present!! But, that does not make for good planning when you get a dog or get married or take a job.

Tiki was still alive when each of my kids were born. That will always make him exra special. And, yes, I did get him a doggy friend, and a doggy hut (more like a dog tent).

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