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The Cat in the Hat, or something like that.

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

What I know and did not know about The Cat in the Hat

l It's a black and white cat (kn0w)

ll He has a hat (kn0w)

lll He causes trouble (know)

llll And, a bit crazy like that (know)

llll It was a cartoon ( I think)

llll l A book (know)

llll ll And, a movie too (know)

llll lll We do not know the cat's name (did not know)

llll llll Published in 1957 (did not know)

llll llll Dr. Seuss wrote the book as a challenge to write a children's book using only 225 words that were important for first-graders to learn. (sort of know)

POD taken November 12, 2022

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