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Between Walls

Whether You Think You Can or your Think You Can'T You're right!! 

- Henry Ford 

Tatum T's Tallies 

The Daily list(s)

Inspired by animals, nature, and life 

About Me

I am so glad that you are here. My name is Tatum T Goodrich. I work with animals for a living, in a variety of ways. I take hundreds of pictures per day. I can come up with some quirky, weird, and sometimes funny thoughts during my days with animals. These pictures have inspired me to write about these experiences in lists and sometimes stories. 

Typing on Laptop
Pencil with Eraser
Capturing Photos
WFH Setup
Work from Home
Working From Home
Boy Checking his Phone
Woman with Camera
Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone
Girl Checking Her Phone
Between Walls
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Open Magazine
Writing by the Window
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