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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

My Takeaways

l This quote is so, so true.

ll Most people do not realize or even understand this.

lll Every single one of you reading this

llll IS good at something!!!

llll Please,

llll l Please,

llll ll Please!!!

llll lll find the things you are good at!!

llll llll It will make all the difference in YOUR world!!

llll llll If you judge a fish by his ability to swim... he is a genius. Judge yourself, by what you are good at. Not what others are good at!!

screen shot taken taken October 19, 202o

This was a screenshot of an art print taken from Etsy. The Etsy creator is named chARiTyelise. Nice play on the A R T in her name. I think she is pretty big on Etsy- go check her out sometime.

For me, this was the first time I had read this quote. Having been a teacher, having a son who is extremely dyselic and dysphraphic and has ADHD, and being myslef who has all the smae things my son has... this quote make so much sense. So, very much. In school, we are seemingly judged by how smart we are. Do we read well, do we write well, do we do aour school work well!!! And, the first person to judge us is our teachers. Guess what, not all kids do good at that kind of stuff.

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