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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Sparkly Things

l A million water droplets spraying from a water hose

ll The golden specks in the sand by the lake

lll The weird mirage you see on a long stretch of road on a hot day while driving dpa

llll The eyes of a young person in love

llll Glitter on a classroom floor

llll The crest of a wave in the ocean

llll ll Snowflakes in the sun

llll lll many lightning bugs in the same area

llll llll Fireworks

llll llll Disco ball lights hitting the floor, the walls, and the ceiling

POD taken July 31, 2022

Instead of being coocoo for coco pops - I am coocoo for sparkly things. I have been known to scatter glitter on my back patio- just so I can see it sparkle in the sunlight. If it were up to me, everything where I live would have the theme of glow and sparkle. It is mesmerizing. If I could cue the fireflies when I walked outside at night... life would be pretty close to perfect.

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