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Frog fun!

Fun things you can do with a frog!

l Put a little cowboy hat on its head.

ll Pick a mushroom and put it near him... nature's umbrella.

lll Put one in your sister's bed.

llll Put one in your spouse's coffee cup.

llll Get an old coffee can and collect up a bunch and throw them in your neighbor's house... known from experience.

llll l Put one in a tiny, remote controlled Corvette and take it for a spin.

llll ll Film your dog sniffing and pawing at it.

llll lll Or, just leave it alone. 🐸

Photo of the day taken May 17, 2022. As a kid I loved frogs. Lived in a few places where they were plentiful. One lovely spring day when I was 11. A terror of a neighbor boy named Doug went with us frog hunting. He collected up a bunch of frogs. When we got home for the day, he walked us up to the door of our house and came in. His tiny, stupid, retard brain told him to throw the can of frogs into our house and so he did. I was a little scared to sleep that night. Although I liked frogs, I did not want them in my bed, or under my bed, or in my room at all. I was happy to visit them in their home, not mine.

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