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Getting Skinny!

Updated: May 5, 2023

Top 8 thoughts running through the mind of the weenie and the skinny pig.

l Skinny pig - "Asante sana squash banana".

ll Weenie - "A flip lid won't stop my bid for one skinny pig'"

lll Skinny Pig - ""potato, patato, lettuce, tomato".

llll Weenie - "breakfast + lunch + dinner = BLinner".

llll Skinny pig- "oh, bother".

llll l Weenie - "Bend ... and snap".

llll ll Skinny pig - "Shlisity-slosh drooling... oh my gosh!".

llll lll Weenie- "Scrumdiddlyumptious".

Picture of the day was taken on May 4, 2021. I happened upon this little guy in April of this year. Saw him in a pet store inside of a glass cage. I had never seen an animal like him. Thought he was a mini-hippo. Any mini animal is a keeper to me. I asked the sales lady what he was and she told me he was a skinny pig. I like skinny. I like mini. I like pigs. I took him home. He has been with my crew ever since. The weenie dog is pretty sure he might be some kind of weird looking squirrel. She is fascinated! But, has never tried to hurt him or eat him.

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