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Books that end with the dog dying

l "Where the Red Fern Grows"

ll "Marley & Me"

lll "A Dog's Purpose"

llll "Old Yeller"

llll "Love That Dog"

llll l There are so many more

llll ll But, these are the ones I know

llll lll and I already have

llll llll tears

llll llll in my eyes

POD taken Aug 25, 2022

I am intimately familiar with the 5 books on this list. Books that end with the dog dying are not my favorite... at all. Nor do I like movies that have dog(s) die at some point in the movie. I try to avoid these books and movies even more than I try to avoid scary books and movies. My two most stand out memories of these books are when-

  1. When I read the book, "Where the Red Fern Grows" to my son. For years I read to him every night. Starting with picture books when he was really young and moving to easier chapter books when he was 8, 9, 10 and on to literary wonders when he was 11, 12. One of those was this one. He enjoyed the boy

  2. My second memory was when I taught school. I taught ELA to students. My favorite thing to teach was novels. We always had a novel going and if I could have enough of the novel for each student to have a copy the better.

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