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Is it???

What other enemies are out there

l Like is the enemy of Love

ll Light is the enemy of illumination

lll Reasonable is the enemy of good sense

llll Happy is the enemy of ecstatic

llll Fine is the enemy of wonderful

llll l Strong is the enemy of powerful

llll ll Smart is the enemy of genius

llll lll Pretty is the enemy of beautiful

llll llll Huge is the enemy of gigantic

llll llll Crazy is the enemy absurd

Screenshot taken July 13, 2022

I like this quote!! I really do, I get it. If you are going to do something at the level of good- you might as well do it at the level of great. But- if you are not even at the level of good yet, then level good might just be where you need to be at this particular moment. Isn't it better to start something and do it good than to never start something at all. Even if you never reach the level of great. In today's world, I think our perfectionism gets the best of it. If wc cannot do it perfectly and be the greatest, right away- why do it at all.

I know why!!!! Because the world needs like and light and reasonable and happy and fine and strong and smart and pretty and huge and crazy. It's what makes all of us who we are. 😁

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