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Kissable Kittens

Weird things we like to kiss

l Our hand and then placing it on something lucky☘️

ll Weenie dog snouts (that might just be me)😛

lll The ground when we have made it safely back to Earth's surface🌍

llll Mannequins (got that one off the internet)🤔

llll A frog to see if it will turn into a prince 🐸

llll Our phone (when dropped it, picked it back up, and it did not break)📱

llll ll A casket (not sure we like to kiss it- but we do)😞

llll lll A mirror (hey, we love ourselves- or at least we should) 🪞

llll llll Our children's booboos 🩹

llll llll Certain unnamed body parts on other people

(I won't go more in depth on this one)😉

POD taken June 26, 2021

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