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Lordy Lordy

Fun Text word changes, left out words misplaced commas, or missing hyphen

l I love cooking my family (left out the word "with")

ll Let's eat grandma! (comma left out)

lll What is your mother's mating name? ( maiden)

llll I love incest (incense)

llll His arm is broken, he has my symphony vote (sympathy)

llll I have a very short tension span (attention)

llll ll Is glow ball warming causing the ocean to warm up. (global)

llll lll My curse of writing looks like crap (cursive)

llll llll I would like to thank my parents, Tatum and God (Or, I would like to thank my parents, Tatum, and God ( 3 different groups)).

llll llll Twenty five dollar bills (how much do we have here?)

POD taken July 28, 2022

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