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l How many marinara sauces do I get with that?

ll Is it the cost of a regular 6 pack?

lll What do I do with the remaining 59 sticks after I have fed my family of 4?

llll Can I freeze the rest?

llll ISo, I can get up to 495 mozzarella sticks... what a deal!!

llll l I wonder how many people opted in on this deal.

llll ll Can I get 99 sonic blasts to go with it?

llll lll Can I buy the 99, but actually only get 10 each day for the next 10 days (9 on the last day)?

llll llll How small are they?

llll llll Like, really tiny? toothpick tiny? 1/2 a toothpick tiny?

SS taken September 1, 2022

I know what the ad means, but that is not how it reads. I wonder if someone, anyone inquired about getting 99 small mozzarella sticks. I really, really home so. I still get Sonic texts and I was so hoping it would pop up on my text again this year (Sept. 1, 2023), not yet. It got me thinking about how many mozzarella sticks I could eat on my own. I don't really know. I think it depends on a few things... how hungry I am, if this is part of a bet, if this is part of a bet where I can win money. All of this would make a difference as to how many I could actually eat with my 99 Sonic Blasts.

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