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Teenage Play?

My thoughts

l Could be teenage snakes playing in the newly formed pond

ll A weekly get together?

lll Family reunion?

llll Open swim - posted in the snake newsletter

llll At least 20- that I can see

llll If they were not poisonous - how much money would it take for me to swim with them

llll ll A lot

llll lll Has anyone else ever seem this?

llll llll They look so happy!

llll llll A phrase to which I have never thought in regards to snakes before. But they really did seem happy.

POD taken July 17, 2022

When I run my phone is strapped to the side of my upper arm - in a harness that is a complete pain to take off. So, I rarely take it off- for any reason. But, on this particular day, I had a big, big reason. At one of my stopping points- the ones I call. "the stopping points to observe and soak up the nature around me" but also called, "the stopping point to catch my breath and make sure I am not going to die and can continue on with this run" stopping point... I look down to the creek and see this. I was fascinated. I was in a trance. I had never seen so many snakes in one place. And they were just swimming around happy and carefree. Literally the first thing I thought about was how happy they looked- like a bunch of kids swimming around together at the start of summer. I have never had a thought about a snake being happy or unhappy. A snake is a snake and I have never cared about it's well-being... until watching this. It gave me more of an appreciation for nature's creatures. Even thonese I am terrified of. They live their little lives and I got a glimpse into this moment of their snake life- swimming and carefree and happy and loving everything about the moment. That was a beautiful moment for me to share with them... from afar with my phone.

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