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The Lady Roll

Where you, too, can do 'The Lady Roll' !!

l At the front of the theater after a good movie.

ll At the carnival after you have used the mallet to hit the button and make the ball go all the way up to the bell.

lll Going across the stage at graduation.

llll During YOUR wedding ceremony.

llll At your bosses Christmas party.

llll l On an airplane.

llll ll Waiting in line for the roller coaster.

llll lll At the DPS office.

Picture of the day taken May 7, 2022. She is such a happy dog and her name is Lady. Hence, 'The Lady Roll'. After watching her do this umpteen times ... I got to thinking. What if I were to just fall to the ground and start rolling around with a super happy smile on my face. Maybe yell out a few things. "Isn't this great!" or "Rub my belly!" or "I am bored... but happy!" or "this feels nice on my back- give it a try."

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