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Thinking Thoughts

Some thinking thoughts I have had...

l Is 101 of anything really that many

ll Why do racoons have such human hands?

lll can i eat the coffee grinds for a stronger dose of caffeine?

llll writing it 100 hundred times will make it come true

llll As, will kissing the 11:11 on the clock.

llll l I still am not going to say "bloody mary" 5 times in a mirror

llll ll the day before the expiration date on the milk is the day to stop drinking it.

llll lll we are more likely to have an alien invasion vs a zombie invasion

llll llll not sure who put me in charge

llll llll how can 1 million seconds only be 11 days, but a billion seconds is 30 years?

POD taken October 18, 2022

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