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Through the hole

Some things one might like to see through a fence hole

l A trampoline and a german shepherd?

ll A million billion dollars

lll A beautiful beach

llll Lots of puppies

llll A loved one

llll pyramids

llll ll The secrets to life

llll lll Leprechauns 🍀

llll llll Their Higher Power

llll llll A beautiful world in which we all get along 🌍

POD taken July 23, 2023

I like to take pictures through fence holes, curled dog tail holes, into drainage holes, and bird house holes, and probably a few other holes, as well. 🤪 I am not sure what my fascination is with it. But, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland... like I am spying on an area that is not mine. Nothing I created. I am merely a visitor, a watcher of something else. I get to be a part of something just because I can see that it is there.

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