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Time Telling

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Thoughts and Considerations

l Does she think they are running late or running early?

ll Could there be a fly above the clock.

lll !/2 doors... love them!

llll I want to open the top part and start selling ice cream

llll Or, dispense advice.

llll Weird place to hang a sign about no public bathrooms

llll ll Maybe that is what she is staring at

llll lll Is there no public bathrooms for me or the dog?

llll llll Waiting makes me want to go to the bathroom.

llll llll So does watching a clock tick by waiting.

POD taken Aug, 2022

Any waiting room anywhere is not my favorite place to be. At least in this one I get to be with my dog, Thea. I cannot remember why I was taking pictures while we were in there. I took about 10 and this was the only one where Thea looks like she is looking at the clock. Or, the 'no public restrooms sign'. I am pretty sure she could hear sounds out in the hall and that is what she was really paying attention to. Sounds that were way up high.

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