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What do you see?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

What do YOU see in this pic?

l A blurry field of trees?

ll Summer?

lll Fencing?

llll Some kind of yellow plant?

llll Land?

llll l Paradise?

llll ll A place you want to go?

llll lll A place you want to avoid?

llll llll A stupid picture?

llll llll Cows amongst the trees?

POD taken October 12. 2022

It is interesting how each of us can look at something a see it in a very unique and different way than anyone else. Of course, we can all look at this picture and see grass, fence, trees. But, how we perceive the photo, what other things we notice about it, how we feel about it... all make it uniquely our own experience. How and what we notice from this photo- is directly taken from our thoughts, our reality, our upbringing, the things we know about, care about, and think about. That is why one person can look at this photo and see a shit pictures, one can look and think, "I would love to go there", one could look and see the cows, and one could look and think, "I hate the outdoor".

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